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To Italy with love: My Italian Adventure Part 2

We said good-bye to Rome but not before enjoying our first breakfast.  The intimate space was filled with pastries, cheese, eggs, sliced salami and prosciutto, orange juice, jams, and fresh fruit.   I selected a sweet croissant (looks like a regular croissant but lightly glazed with sugar), eggs, and a few slices of salami. This would become my go-to breakfast treat for the rest of the trip.

After breakfast we met our tour family in the lobby of the hotel, we all looked like kids on Christmas Eve. We would be tied to the hip with these folks over the next few days. The Canadians from New Brunswick were our first buddies.  They looked to have been married for several years and clearly each others best friends. They joined Danika and I down the long red carpet leaving our hotel towards the sound of busy traffic.  In Rome you either drive a car the size of a mini Cooper or you own a scooter or bicycle. The streets are narrow so having a compact car is ideal but when traffic is at its wor…

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