Why I write

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I  write because it's free. 

It costs me nothing to write.  A pen, a scratch sheet of paper and I'm on my way.

I write because I don’t have a choice.

Some people run, jump, play, drink, smoke, walk, talk, leap, do nothing, do everything…

I just write…

I write in the morning, in the evening, about midnight, and at noon. It’s where I feel the most comfortable. There’s no judgment there, no makeup, no spanx, no braids, no bundles, no teeth whitening thingamajigs, no hurry-up-and-get-over it, no just-pray-about-it-honeys, no it’ll-get-better-soons, because writing is a continuous prayer.

It is my love letter to God.

It is my greeting and my valediction.

I don’t like to claim writer’s block.  I’d refer to it as writer’s constipation, writer’s procrastination, writer’s fatigue, or writer’s excuses. 

The cure?

Just moving away from the current energy. Moving from people, moving from one seat to another, moving zip codes, moving states (although this isn’t always cost effective), just moving will basically push the words out.

It’s not and should never be all about me.

So, I use my tools and instruments to promote #FierceFemales and #MagnificentMen (starting Monday, June 5th) because life is not really about us as individuals but how we connect with other humans.

I pour into my creative cup with #SaturdayShorts (returning Saturday, June 10th) and sometimes I'm amazed at what bubbles to the surface and at times overflows.

I write because if I don’t then the words will float around my head like those little yellow birds on a cartoon after one of the characters gets crushed by an Acme brick or some other made up object. 

Separately they (the words) are chaotic annoying creatures that keep me from sleep, force me to miss my favorite TV shows, or prevent me from scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. (obviously not a bad thing…at ALL!)

Together words are like a symphony, a slow waltz between two love-struck teenagers who can’t get off the phone (even after the count of three) and the energy is so strong in the air that sleep won’t come (or anything else) for several hours later.  

I’m still talking about writing.

When I’m in a groove, the words are like chopping colorful peppers and onions, the click-click of the gas stove just before the skillet hits the fire followed by the sizzle of the EVOO hitting the pan.

Everything just makes sense even if it doesn’t. 

Words are like sitting in a parked car with the engine running talking about everything and nothing wondering if the person that’s sitting next to you is digging you too and jumping passed the goodnight hug wondering when you’ll see him again.


Words allow me to say hey to the love makers and heart breakers without calling them by name, but painting a powerful picture of who they were, are, or may have been.  

The words allow me to leap from today to last year to ten years ago to two years from now without taking a single step.

Words help me to go much deeper than I could or at times should go.

“I loved him”

sounds good but...

“It was as if my murmured heartbeat caught up to his, like his hands were created to hold mine, like our bodies were puzzle pieces and we just fit”

sounds great...

Words create poetry, songs, rap music, scripts, essays, love letters, good-bye letters, blogs, DMs, text messages, and a whole bunch of other stuff. We all literally walk around everyday creating magic; words and phrases that didn’t exist before. Some words we use in love and others in hate, but here’s hoping that love wins.

I write because words move me. 

I write because it’s free.


         ----   C.A.C.H.






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