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I love to read just as much as I love to write.  My Kindle is filled with titles but there's a part of me that still enjoys the feel of the pages against my fingertips.  Depending on my mood I'll pick up a title or two from the local library or buy a gently used copy from Half Priced books.  The good thing about Half Priced is that you can sell the books back to them after you're done.

This summer I'm reading a trio of books to get me through the sunny humid days that are sure to come.  If you're looking for something to read on your next road trip, flight, or summer night check out my picks below.

The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn

Given all of the transitions that I have made so far this year, my cousin thought that this would be a great read for me to reset my focus, get centered and put things into prospective (thanks Jackie).

Each day I read a chapter or two and I'm completely blown away by the practical tips that Shinn provides to approach our everyday challenges.

Here's a short excerpt from the chapter entitled "The Power of the Word":

I have a friend who said nothing could induce her to walk under a ladder.  I said, "If you are afraid, you are giving in to a belief in two powers, Good and Evil, instead of one.  As God is absolute, there can be no opposing power, unless man makes the false of evil for himself.  To show you believe in only One Power, God, and that there is no poser or reality in evil, walk under the next ladder you see."  Soon after, she went to her bank.  She wished to open her box in the safety-deposit vault, and there stood a ladder on her pathway.  It was impossible to reach the box without passing under the ladder.  She quailed with fear and turned back.  She could not face the lion on her pathway.  However, when she reached the street, my words rang in her ears and she decided to return and walk under it.  It was a big moment in her life, for ladders had held her in bondage for years.  She retraced her steps to the vault, and the ladder was no longer there!  This so often happens!  If one is willing to do a thing he is afraid to do, he does not have to.

Sidenote: Half Priced actually had four of Shinn's books in one The Game of Life, The Power of the Spoken Word, Your Word is Your Wand, and The Secret of Success. 

the Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron

I've started reading this book and traveling through the 12 week exercises but I have to admit I have yet to complete all weeks successfully.    I set a goal for myself to begin and complete 12 weeks successfully beginning today, 6/1/17 so that'll put me around 8/24/17 for successful completion.

the Artist's Way is a guide to living the artist's life. According to Cameron this book has helped several of her students (writers, painters, dancers, actors, etc.) along the way.

Here's a few quotes from Cameron:

"Remember, there is creative energy that wants to express itself through you";  "Don't judge the work or yourself.  You can sort it out later."; "Let God work through you."

God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life's Little Detours by Regina Brett

I'm actually rereading this title because it's just that good. It's the kind of book that speaks to whatever situation you're going through (or at least that's what it feels like to me).

Here are a few of my favorite lessons from the book:

Lesson #2:  When in Doubt, Just Take the Next Right Step.

Lesson #13: Don't Compare Your Life to Others'.  You Have No Idea What Their Journey Is All About 

Lesson #14:  If a Relationship Has to Be Kept Secret,  You Shouldn't Be in It. 

Lesson #18:  A Writer is Someone Who Writes.  If You Want to Be a Writer, Write.  

Lesson #25:  No One Else Is in Charge of Your Happiness.  You Are the CEO of Your Joy.  

More titles coming soon... Read along with me this summer.


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